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Termites -- Rodents -- Roaches

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    Termite Fast Facts:

    • A heavy termite infestation could mean over 200,000 termites eating you out of house and home.
    • Termites will eat almost anything. To be exact, they'll eat over 100 common household materials.
    • A termite queen can live for over 30 years,
    • Swarming termites are not "wood eaters," but their presence signals a need for inspection.
    • Termites avoid light at all cost. They usually only hollow out wood to obtain their food. So, wood that looks solid may actually not be.
    • Because of their reclusive ways, a professional inspection and monitoring system is the best way to find and protect yourself from these hidden invaders.
    • Termites can find their way into a structure through an opening as small as 1/32 of an inch wide. 



    Rodents have been one of man's greatest enemies since the beginning of time.  In the middle ages they ravaged Europe with the "Black" plaque.  Today, they have brought entire cities to their knees by gnawing through communication cable.  

    In fact, the gnawing instinct is so strong within rodents, that believe it or not, some rodents can even chew on concrete.  If they gnaw an opening as small as 1/4 inch for mice and 1/2 inch for rats, they can make a burrow within the deepest crevice of your home.

    To make matters worse, rodents reproduce rapidly.  A couple of mice in your home or business today can mean several dozen within an extremely short period of time.  

    As a result, rodent control is not something that should ever be postponed.   A successful rodent control program includes a wide variety of weapons.  Many of these are out of the grasps of the average home owner.  At Al's Pest Control Service, we have the latest technology to help you deal with these dastardly pests.   Call us today to set up an appointment.

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Why Roaches are Dangerous

    In and of themselves, roaches are harmless.  If they lived their entire lives in a sterile environment, they would be nothing more than just ugly to look at.   The problems begin with the idea of who knows where they have been.   Unfortunately, roaches love dark, warm, and moist places.  Germs also enjoy the same environments.  For us, this spells disaster.   Ultimately, roach population control is essential for our quality of life.

    As with all pests, the strategy is the same -- "plan, act, adapt, and monitor."  First, begin by destroying all potential food sources.  Next, seal off all potential entry points.   Wait a couple of days.  If your problem doesn't subside, call us.  We can come in and completely treat your home or business.


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